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fan, wearing Roddy jersey at sAints camp, threatened by players


Justin Daniel is a die-hard Atlanta Falcons fan from Covington, Georgia who now lives in West Virginia. The New Orleans sAints are having their Training Camp in West Virginia this year, so once Justin found this out he made plans to attend camp.


AINTS came to my state to hold their training camp which really I can’t believe even though I hate this team with passion it’s still pro football”, says Justin Daniel “I wanted to see it but I told my friends I’m wearing my damn falcon jersey to rep my team to the fullest.


Daniel also told us he took the bus to their camp facilities and the bus driver warned him that by wearing an Atlanta Falcons  jersey there could be some trouble waiting for him at camp once he arrives there.


Nonetheless Justin Daniel took his seat on the bus, he made sure his phone was charged and prepared himself for the 20 minute bus trip to their camp. Justin was accompanied by 2 of his friends.  They arrived at camp late, but they were all still pretty pumped to be there especially being this was in West Virginia and the ultimate goal was his friends wanted to get a Champ Bailey autograph. Champ Bailey played his college football at The University of Georgia where he remains a legend in Athens, Ga.


As they were walking down the hill towards the field, the players were starting to come towards them in the opposite direction. Justin Daniel took time out to talk to us and give us his side of the story of what happened when he arrived in sAints territory with a Roddy White jersey on.


Read what he said below


We start walking down the hill and here come every saints player and Kenny Stills passes me starts shaking his head then here comes Kenny Vaccaro laughing saying he’s got a Roddy White jersey on I go yeah he burnt that ass too, and he puts he’s hand to his ear and goes huh? I said he burnt your Colin Kapernick looking ass too. Then I said Julio will torch your ass as well just watch, then he said STFU—  then here comes the rest.  I heard them say lets roll his ass down the hill he’s wearing trash bla bla Bla.

Mark Ingram starts talking shit and I said you won’t make it to game 1 because your sucky ass will get cut and their TE Benjamin Watson jumped in my face and said I’ll kick your ass, and jumped at me and started cussing then he walked away- even Rob Ryan and I got into to it, but me and Watson bumped chests real hard. I then got to where the fans were at, and I heard them whispering his got a roddy jersey OMG. He’s got a Falcons jersey OMG people saying let’s beat him up. I then heard someone say I hope you’re not wanting an autograph, and I said I don’t want their shitty autographs lmao. We rode all the way back on the bus alone because no one wanted to sit near us after what had just happened back at camp.


Justin told us that his friends never got the Champ Bailey autograph because the intensity and friction was so high even though at one point they were only about 2 feet away from Champ. Daniel said this was during the time Rob Ryan was talking trash at them, so the autograph had no chance of happening.


 In my mind personally – this story has a lot of credence because the players themselves jumped on Twitter soon afterwards to vouch for it.




Justin Daniel definitely represented for his Falcons at camp just a couple of days ago. If nothing else, he made his presence known and voice heard to those players for the sAints.



Justin also recorded this song prior to the incident with the players entitled “Roddy White” – check it out!




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  1. Chuck Larry

    August 8, 2014 at 1:09 am

    This is outstanding

  2. D C

    August 8, 2014 at 3:48 am

    Y’all’s season last year was amazing, Atlanta.


  3. letmesetyoustraight

    August 8, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Could not have happened the way he said. The players do not walk up the hill towards the busses. They enter and exit the practice field from the locker room. Nice imagination though.

  4. NIPPLESyouAREdumbAF

    August 9, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    I know this kid. I wouldn’t believe half of it.

    • RISEUP14

      August 11, 2014 at 9:14 pm

      your fucking stupid AF can you not fucking see? the saints where tweeting about it and talking about him!! stop being fucking jealous because somebody you know is getting there shine on! this dude has more than you will ever have pussy RISE UP!! fucking haters SMH..

  5. Phillip Coffey

    August 9, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    If someone has to throw out his chest just to pat himself on the back, you can bet it didn’t go down the way he said.

  6. One Angry Midget (@OneAngryMidget)

    August 10, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    So let me get this straight, this guy has a FULLY charged cell phone but there is 0 video or audio of any of this?

    Then the kid then starts Tweeting with Watson and nothing is mentioned about a physical confrontation. Matter of fact, they share in a bond via Georgia, and let out a “Go Dawgs”.

    What probably happened is some good natured ribbing, and nothing much more than that. I know this may come as a shock, but these players do not nearly invest the emotion in these NFL rivalries as much as fans do. They are co-workers, former teammates, college buddies, and they are all invested in a successful NFL, which means ratings. Rivalries equal ratings.

    The next thing that doesn’t add up is the fans wanting to beat him up. The camp is being held in WV, not NOLA. Why would a bunch of WV residents want to beat up some kid? Even if these new found Saints fans are really excited about their adopted team, do you think they have already developed a hatred so strong that they would be willing to commit an act of violence? Since they have been Saints fans for about 1 month now, I am sure they have poured over the Saints v Falcon rivalry, and are whipped into a frenzy!

    Vaccaro saying STFU is almost believable, he is a young guy and he has a bit of a chip, but Watson? Ben Watson is a pro’s pro. He has a successful charity, is active in every community he has played in, and HE WENT TO THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA! Ben Watson also leads a bible group on the team. While none of that excludes him from scrutiny, it certainly does not point towards someone yelling, “I will kick your ass” and a physical altercation with a fan representing the state of Georgia. Not only that, but they shared a friendly tweet right after the “altercation”???

    This smells like a over zealous teen who went for shock value, and he got some interaction, but nothing like what he describes. Its like that kid who embellishes a story so he can seem cooler than he really is. Hats off buddy, you wore a Falcon Jersey to the Saints camp. That alone is a cool story, and its pretty damn funny. You don’t have to embellish that to include physical altercations and a bunch of WV residents threatening to beat your ass. If this story took place in New Orleans, and you omitted the Watson piece, I could almost buy it, but when you look at everything stated, its obvious that this is extremely exaggerated.

    • justinsBOY

      August 11, 2014 at 9:09 pm

      NOPE i was actually i was one of his friends that was there every bit of this is true watson did jump in his face and threaten to beat his ass for wearing that jersey and justin wasn’t taking it from any of them and your dumb AF why would any of this be a lie if the players from the saints are tweeting about it ? verified players at that stop hating on the kid dumb fuck your just mad because he HAS more BALLS than YOU

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